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Taking over Lisa C Yoga’s classes after her decision to teach more workshops means that I shall be running Thursday classes at Cross House! The first one starts on the 11th April 2019 - 6:30-7:30pm. Please do register to book your place.


feeling thankful after our hatha yoga and crystal sound healing event at the Salt Lounge

Please click through to view a slideshow of the set up, tickets to the next event (5th March, 19:00-20:30) with Ellie of Undo Wellness are available here!

Hatha yoga and Crystal Sound bath @ The Salt Lounge

Join us on the 5th February 2019 (7-8:30pm) as we guide you through a gentle, but invigorating yoga class, followed by a meditative sound bath that will nurture a deep relaxation.

Hosted by The Salt Lounge, Basingstoke, you’ll also receive Halotherapy which can aid respiratory ailments, improve the skin, and help with anxiety.

Booking essential with only 9 spots!

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Handmade lavender Eye pillows now on sale! Available In class or on etsy for £7

To add to the experience of Savasana (the meditative corpse pose we do at the end of every class), we are now selling hand sewn eye pillows filled with homegrown lavender (from Old Basing!) and pearl barley. With a soothing scent and cotton fabric, the weight over your eyes has a calming effect and is sure to complete your practice.

september 2018 classes held in Old Basing village hall 

As St Mary's Church Hall is in high demand, we're taking the opportunity to try out a new venue. Please join us at the later time of 8:30-9:30pm for a restorative and explorative practise!


Ayurvedic Man: Encounters with Indian Medicine @ The Wellcome Collection

Drawn to the exhibition with the promise of a yogic link, the world of Ayurveda seemed less well known. Posing bloodletting charts against anatomical drawings with zodiac symbols in place of arteries, the exhibition made a striking link between spiritual and physical exercises.


Good weather garden yoga, Old Basing

Making the most of the weather, we introduce garden yoga, a more informal setting to compliment our hatha yoga series running on Mondays. Join us for an hours practise at 9am, with refreshments afterwards, and feel more grounded in your practise as we connect with the sights and sounds of the earth around us.


Introducing Cross House, Bramley

Emerging from a time of supreme busyness, I wanted to take a moment to relish my new teaching space in Bramley - Cross House - the space where, at another teachers’ class, my confidence in realising Yoga Teacher Training was for me blossomed!

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More classes added at complete performance (basingstoke and Overton)

With our Sunday morning classes running successfully for two months now, Liam at Complete Performance has suggested we add some evening classes - and we couldn’t be happier!

Starting on the 29th Jan we’ll be running a class in Overton on Tuesday evenings, and as of the 6th Feb we’ll be running an evening class at the Basingstoke branch too!


Now teaching at complete performance gym, Basingstoke!

Our first class at Complete Performance was a hit! These classes aim to help recover (through stretch and breath work) the muscles that are trained frequently in workouts, and test parts of the body that you may have overlooked (balance and body weight resistance).

Complete Performance have introduced a Yoga Only membership (until the end of November 2018) - at £20 per month.



My final 200hr YTT (yoga teacher training) weekend at Bristol School of Yoga has come and gone! The teachers at BSY have been a constant support throughout the year and I am excited to continue my practise after such a formative weekend!


October 2018 classes

For more information on class times from October - December 2018, please click the link below.


A landmark of peace

Visible from the Chelsea Embankment, London's Peace Pagoda emits a golden glow. Completed in the 1980s, it was built in the aftermath of Hiroshima, one of 80 Peace Pagodas worldwide. In a landscape that is often far from peaceful, it gives Londoners an excuse to take a moment. To think about how they can erect their own internal pagodas.


Bridging Towards Nature 

Hidden within the grounds of Grey’s Court, owned by the National Trust, is this Japanese Torii (literally meaning “bird abode”). Simply put, it marks a transition - from the mundane to the sacred.


Why choose hatha yoga?

Yoga, in all its different forms, can seem a little daunting - with new themes and buzz words surrounding it by the month. We wanted to explain our style - Hatha Yoga - to you.


Covering Classes at Wasing Wellbeing and Yoga

Join me over the festive period as I cover classes for Wasing’s Wellbeing Manager, Jill!

My classes shall run on Fridays at 08:30-09:30 am on the 21st, 28th December and 4th January.

It is an honour to be able to lead the Wasing yogis through the festivities and into 2019!

Please click below to book through Wasing Park ~

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Class passes now available

Our class pass cards are available to purchase at the start or end of every class. You can buy classes in blocks (meaning you can take full advantage of discounts) and keep track of how many classes you have been to and chart how you've progressed!



Stay on top of our classes with our easy to view calendar! We'll be sure to update it with specific dates, locations and class themes!


How did you discover yoga?

A current student of Bristol School of Yoga, I balance working in the Solar Industry with classes and study weekends. Read on to hear more about how I made the decision to move between desk monkey to mat to yoga teacher.


It Takes Guts

With pickled vegetables making a comeback after their post-war slump and kombucha making its way onto the draught taps in London pubs, "good for the gut" bacteria has become more cultured than a tourist with an Art Pass. It got us thinking about yoga poses to compliment the foodie experiments.


Classes in Old Basing, hampshire


Suitable for beginners, the group classes are each centred around key peak poses or motions (twists, Sun Salutations, balancing), aimed at strengthening your knowledge of alignment and sequencing.