Hello Cross House!

Our new space, Cross House, was where I summoned up the courage to ask my then teacher, and resident yogini at CH, Felicity Wood, where to begin with teacher training (not entirely sure it was something I could book onto without a recommendation and ten years experience, a bit like applying for a spiritual mortgage with all the necessary paperwork)…

With the help of my girlfriend, I asked Felicity where to begin.

Of course, I was met with great swathes of support, I wasn't laughed at, I wasn’t met with anxiety that I was trying to step on Felicity’s turf; my teacher became just so, she guided me in the right direction, offering up options and adjustments on courses just as she did with asana (or pose work).

Cut to today, and Cross House has exchanged yogic hands twice since then, the keys to Thursday nights classes were handed over to Lisa, who became a friend to talk to as I was doing my teacher training. We exchanged jokes about how I’d done the wrong pose one week in a haze of post-work tiredness, or chatted about the pragmatics of teaching.

And now I find myself teaching on Thursday evenings, in the venue I found an inspiring yoga practise, found an excuse to see the girl I was dating a little more often, and the space that I managed to traverse from yogi to YTT to setting up shop.

I hope to meet you on the mat, and that you may develop your own stories of the journey yoga can take you on!